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Recent Articles:

The Art of Restoration: Redwood Creek Vegetation Crew creates botanical illustrations while fighting invasive weeds

Members of the Redwood Creek Vegetation Crew are specially attuned to the vibrant life that surrounds them while caring for the watershed. Experience their discoveries through a hand-illustrated field guide to the flora and fauna of Redwood Creek. more >>

Our 2018 holiday gift guide: Perfect presents inspired by the Golden Gate National Parks

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy holiday gift guide 2018

Need some inspiration for your holiday shopping this year? We’ve got you covered. more >>

Operations to resume in Golden Gate National Parks

The Golden Gate Bridge is seen through the haze of wildfire smoke

Due to poor air quality, park and concession operations were being suspended at Alcatraz, Muir Woods, and other locations throughout the Golden Gate National Parks. Check this story for the latest info. more >>

California banana slugs: Fun facts about our vibrant, terrestrial molluscs

Banana slug

The California banana slug is one of San Mateo County’s most iconic species. These animals need moisture, shade, and decomposing plant and animal material for consumption. more >>

The White-Tailed Kite is quite a sight

White-tailed kite.

The White-Tailed Kite is a beautiful predatory raptor that has recently been spotted at various parklands in San Mateo. Read more about the role this bird plays in its ecosystem and why I think it is so special. more >>