We are no longer accepting applications for Academic Internships.
The 2015 Application Process will begin Fall of 2014.

Only students currently enrolled at San Francisco State University & City College of San Francisco are eligible.

Did you know that the Golden Gate National Parks is the largest national park in an urban setting in the country and located only within a few miles of your school?! This vast park extends across three Bay Area counties and includes amazing places such as Alcatraz, Crissy Field, Fort Funston, Marin Headlands, and Muir Woods. By becoming an intern, you will have the opportunity to experience these spectacular parklands first hand, behind the scenes and in depth. We have internship positions in the fields of interpretation, restoration and monitoring, youth programs, volunteer management, projects and planning, business management, media and design, and much more.

As an Intern you will receive:

  • $50 daily stipend (per 8 hours).
  • Real work experience.
  • Professional & educational development.
  • Potential for future job opportunities.
  • Academic credit possible (student responsible for confirming eligibility).
  • The enjoyment of working in a beautiful park.
  • Real-life experience with a network of people who love their jobs

This exciting program is a partnership of the National Park Service, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco.

2014 Internships run mid-January–late-May
Summer Extensions may be possible based on performance and funding.

Internship Positions >>
Available Internship positions have varying duties, different work locations, and flexible work schedules (part-time and full-time).

How to Apply
Submit the application form (DOC), along with a cover letter and resume, to academicintern@parksconservancy.org.

Be sure to include the following in your cover letter:

  • Your experience or lack of experience (that’s ok!) with national parks.
  • Why you are interested in the position.
  • What unique perspective you bring.

Recommendation: Apply for more than one position!

  • If you see multiple positions that are a good fit for you, apply for them all.
  • On the application form there is a section to rank your choices.
  • This will only increase your chances in the selection process.

For more information about the internships either send an email to academicintern@parksconservancy.org OR call (415) 561-4749.

For information about the academic credit and other educational related questions contact:

Students at SFSU:
Dr. Barbara Holzman, Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, bholzman@sfsu.edu
Dr. Nina Roberts, Associate Professor, Recreation, Parks & Tourism, nroberts@sfsu.edu

Students at CCSF:
Crima Pogge, Professor of Biology, cpogge@ccsf.edu

Intern Positions: 

Alcatraz New Industry Interpretive Intern (DOC)
Alcatraz Night Tour Intern – 2 positions available (DOC)

Alcatraz Waterbird Intern (DOC)
Business Management Intern, Fort Mason (DOC)
Camping at the Presidio Intern, Crissy Field Center (DOC)
Community Outreach Intern, Crissy Field Center (DOC)
Community Services Intern, Crissy Field Center (DOC)
Digital Image Intern, Fort Mason (DOC)
Education Intern, Crissy Field Center (DOC)
Education and Interpretive Intern, Marin Headlands (DOC)
Education and Interpretive Intern, Muir Woods (DOC)
Facilities and Maintenance Volunteer Program Intern, San Francisco (DOC)
Facility Management Intern, San Francisco (DOC)
Fort Point Interpretive Intern (DOC)
Gardens of Alcatraz Intern (DOC)
Habitat Restoration and Volunteer Management Intern, Fort Baker (DOC)
Habitat Restoration and Volunteer Management Intern, Marin (DOC)
Habitat Restoration and Volunteer Management Intern, Presidio (DOC)
Habitat Restoration and Volunteer Management Intern, San Francisco (DOC)
Museum Program Intern, Presidio (DOC)
Natural Resource Intern, San Francisco and San Mateo (DOC)
Natural Resource Intern, Parkwide (DOC)
New Media Design and Production Intern, Fort Mason (DOC)
Planning and Compliance Intern, Fort Mason (DOC)
Planning Division Intern, Fort Mason (DOC)
Public Affairs Intern, Fort Mason (DOC)
Social Media & Marketing Strategist Intern, Parkwide (DOC)
Sustainability Intern, San Francisco and Marin (DOC)
Trail Accessibility Assessment Intern, Parkwide (DOC)
Vegetation Monitoring Intern, San Francisco and Marin (DOC)
Volunteer Programs and Events Intern, Fort Mason (DOC)
Youth and Community Engagement Intern, Parkwide (DOC)