Beginning Date: Fall 2010
Completion Date: Ongoing

In 2010, the National Park Service, Presidio Trust, and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy began improvements to the Presidio Coastal Trail corridor and adjacent Lincoln Boulevard.

Project Highlights:

  • Bike lane installation along Lincoln Boulevard between Merchant Road and Washington Boulevard.
  • Creation of a new, multi-use trail that runs adjacent to Lincoln Boulevard.
  • Non-native, invasive tree removal throughout the coastal bluffs, as well as cape ivy removal and management.
  • Native plant landscape restoration.
  • Reforestation of Monterey cypress trees within areas designated as historic forest.
  • Construction of the Golden Gate and Pacific Overlooks.
  • Construction of a bike/pedestrian bridge to connect the Golden Gate Bridge and the Presidio Coastal Trail, while protecting historic batteries.
Golden Gate Overlook, photo by Ben Fash.

Pacific Overlook

Key Contributors

This project was made possible by a generous challenge grant from the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, donors to Presidio Trails and Overlooks, and the members of the Parks Conservancy. Our deep gratitude goes to all who help support work in the Presidio.

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