Picture a 3.5-mile stretch of white beach with few tourists and no highrises. It's just you and the waves and the seabirds at Ocean Beach, on the westernmost border of San Francisco, adjacent to Golden Gate Park. Great for strolling and flying kites, but the water is frigid and the currents hazardous for all but the most experienced surfers.

Ocean Beach Fire Program

**Update (11/17/15): The original 30 day review and comment period has been extended by an additional two weeks, and will end on December 4, 2015.**

The National Park Service (NPS) is proposing changes to the recreational fire program at Ocean Beach in order to create a safe and sustainable program that addresses environmental impacts and public safety concerns while creating a high quality user experience. Key elements of the proposed program include a permit system, winter restrictions to promote better air quality, more durable fire rings and a maintenance and educational partnership with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD). To review the proposal and provide a comment, visit the project website by November 20, 2015.



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