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National Trails Day Volunteers
Park E-Ventures Article
The Parks Conservancy has a new Trails Stewardship Manager! Meet Jaimie and join the Trail Crew this summer 2013 as drop-in volunteer days, every third Saturday, are in full swing. Read on for all the details.
Healthy Parks Healthy People
Park E-Ventures Article
On June 1, 2013, parks and health organizations around the Bay Area kicked off Healthy Parks, Healthy People: Bay Area—an effort to provide welcoming, culturally relevant programs for all communities. Learn how you can participate in the next round of events!
Nursery volunteers
Park E-Ventures Article
The native plant nurseries in the Golden Gate National Parks follow a unique cycle. Since we rely on the park itself for the seeds and plant material we propagate for restoration projects, the nurseries follow the natural cycle of the land. Right now? Transplanting time!
volunteer work
Park E-Ventures Article
We had a blast on National Trails Day , thanks to all of our amazing volunteers and generous sponsors—and beautiful weather and great service projects!
Dipsea Trail (Mount Tamalpais)
Park E-Ventures Article
Most trail names are self-explanatory; they take their monikers from the area’s geographic features or natural resources. But some are a little more cryptic and obscure. In honor of National Trails Day on June 1, we did a little sleuthing into 10 mysterious trail names.
Park E-Ventures Article
Learn how populations of the Ensatina split in the Central Valley and discover how this little salamander—the textbook definition of a “ring species”—vividly illustrates how nature frustrates the human compulsion to classify and categorize species.
Muir Beach
Park E-Ventures Article
Although Muir Beach will be closed through November, visitors—and the environment—have a lot to gain. When the area reopens in late fall, there will be improved amenities and better habitat for threatened and endangered species. Read on for details.
Youth education at Crissy Field Center
Park E-Ventures Article
Are you worried about your child experiencing a summer learning lapse? Enroll your child in a Crissy Field Center camp, where we explore your backyard national parks, innovate with hands-on activities, and bridge the gap between summer fun and learning!
Presidio Native Plant Nursery volunteers
Park E-Ventures Article
Do you enjoy being outdoors? Curious about our amazing world of plants? Want to meet other youth interested in stewardship and develop your leadership skills? Read on to see the difference young people make in the Presidio native plant nursery.
Volunteers work at Fort Funston
Park E-Ventures Article
When the National Trails Systems Act of 1968 established a network of federally recognized trails across America, it also gave all of us a specific role and privilege. Learn what that is, and how National Trails Day (June 1) provides a chance to fulfill that duty.
Crissy Field
Park E-Ventures Article
Between 2010 and 2050, the Earth’s population is expected to rise by two billion people—almost all of them living in urban centers. Learn how the Institute is highlighting parks as vital factors for human and environmental health in an urbanizing world.
Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field
Park E-Ventures Article
Welcome to an art gallery as big as the parks. Starting on May 22, 2013, Crissy Field—in the heart of our Golden Gate National Parks—will be a free exhibition space for eight steel sculptures by world-renowned artist Mark di Suvero.