Camping at the Presidio

Providing Gateway Outdoor Experiences in the Presidio of San Francisco


A group of adults sit outside on a sunny day eating lunch at a picnic bench under eucalyptus trees while surrounded by camping tents

The Camping at the Presidio (CAP) Program provides youth with meaningful overnight camping experiences. Designed for community organizations and schools, CAP provides an affordable way for kids and groups to visit their national parks. Since 2007, CAP has met the need for thousands of Bay Area youth who lack access to camping in their national parks. 

Camping at the Presidio is a Crissy Field Center program, run in partnership with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the Presidio Trust, and the National Park Service.

3 Steps to Meaningful Overnight Experiences

The CAP Leadership Training (CAPLT) provides leaders with skills and resources to plan and lead youth camping trips in the Presidio and beyond. A 30 hour, overnight CAP Leadership Training develops front country camping skills and familiarizes leaders with the Presidio’s natural, historical, and cultural resources. Participants learn how to reserve future camping trips through CAP, how to lead place-based nature hikes, and more useful skills for outdoor activities. 

Following completion of Leadership Training certified leaders can schedule trips to camp gain access to gear, transportation, educational programming, and pre-trip orientations. 

2020 Camping at the Presidio Leadership Training Dates:

  • CAP LT #1: February 8-9 (Full)
  • CAP LT #2: March 28-29
  • CAP LT #3: August 1-2
  • CAP LT #4: September 19-20

Find all your forms in the "downloads" section.  Email to: 

Beginning in November of each year, certified CAP leaders can reserve their camping date for the upcoming season (March 1st through October 31st). There are two campsites at Rob Hill dedicated to the CAP Program; each accommodates up to 30 people and includes picnic tables, barbecue grills, a central campfire ring, running water, and restrooms.

Program Cost:

$75 per visit for a group of up to 30 campers, $25 per additional night on the same visit.

You must have completed a Camping at the Presidio Leadership Training before requesting a camping trip.

To book a CAP trip or for questions about groups larger than 60, contact Beatriz Rivera at or (415) 561-7757.

As you reserve your upcoming camping trip, contact CAP to:

  • Book transportation. We offer round-trip subsidized transportation on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Update the number of participants. The appropriate amount of gear will be ready when you arrive.
  • Pick a guided park program. The park offers a variety of afternoon and evening programs for you and your youth.
  • Request pre-trip orientation. Get a head start on your trip by orienting your youth to the Presidio by requesting a pre-site visit.
  • Reserve free resource kits. We offer resource kits for you and your youth to use during your trip.
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Overall, to be able to spend time together outside in nature with a multigenerational group of people was amazing. People strived to make connections with one another and step out of their comfort zone; whether it be going on a hike, sleeping in a tent, sharing a memorable moment around the campfire, or simply letting themselves play, everyone challenged themselves and grew because of it.

Jessica Torres, Learning Center Program Manager, Seven Tepees


More than ever, we need public lands where communities can come together.