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Great Balls of Garter Snakes!

08 Great Balls of Garter Snakes!

“Massing” is a term used to describe a large number of snakes congregating in an area, and is most commonly associated with garter snake mating behavior. Early last month, dog walker Debra Wood came across an extremely rare sight at Calera Creek in Pacifica: coast garter snakes (Thamnophis elegans terrestris)... more >>

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Many Hands Make Big Impacts for the Institute

08 Many Hands Make Big Impacts for the Institute

The Institute at the Golden Gate has had the privilege of hosting many fellows and interns throughout the past four years of building programs and driving action around environmental issues. This month, we’re honoring the many professionals who have helped us research, write, strategize, and cultivate key relationships.

Over the years,... more >>

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Ten Boredom-Busting Park Adventures for Kids

Ten Boredom-busting Park Adventures for Kids

Discovery Quests & Treasure Hunts
Calling all gumshoes! Pick up the “Mystery Trail Challenge” at the Warming Hut, get the “Redwood Discovery” guide at Muir Woods, and visit the Presidio Trust website for more self-guiding adventures. Older kids will love the “treasure hunt” around the Golden Gate Bridge, developed... more >>

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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

One of the trails Crissy Field Center utilizes for its programs almost every day is the Batteries to Bluffs Trail. The Camping at the Presidio (CAP) program, which offers “Are We There Yet?” as an educational option for camping groups, utilizes the Batteries to Bluffs Trail to talk about progress—in... more >>

From Intern to Program Manager: A Round-trip Migration

From Intern to Program Manager

By Chris Briggs

In March 2000, I got a call from Buzz Hull offering me a Parks Conservancy internship here in the Headlands with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory. I was so excited for the opportunity to work with birds of prey,... more >>

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Healthy Parks Healthy People Hits the Bay Area

Healthy Parks Healthy People Hits the Bay Area

HPHP Bay Area is a high-level collaboration model that aggregates local Healthy Parks Healthy People and Park Prescriptions initiatives into a regional effort, the first of its kind in the Healthy Parks Healthy People space. In June, 30 attendees shared their experiences and insight in administering or working with current... more >>

Why Don't We Just Buy Plants to Restore the Parks?

Why We Grow Our Own Plants

By Betty Young
Director, Native Plant Nurseries

Some have asked: Why don’t we just buy plants from our local nurseries to restore the park? In short, the Parks Conservancy grows native plants from seed because such a practice increases the chances of the plants’ survival.

Volunteers help us collect seed from close-by... more >>

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The Mission Blues of Oakwood Valley

The Mission Blues of Oakwood Valley

During the late spring and early summer, the Park Stewardship’s Restoration Team goes through the exciting process of monitoring the endangered mission blue butterfly. Each year, the team ventures out to the grassy hills of Oakwood Valley to collect details on the butterfly’s life—its behavior, its numbers, and its location.... more >>

The Trails According to Gorp

The Trails According to Gorp

Regardless of what you call it, we all love trail mix. You get your sweet, salty and even spicy all in one snack. It’s lightweight, doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and gives you a little energy burst to tide you over until your next meal. It’s no wonder that some... more >>

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Volunteering for a Very Special Party

Volunteering for a Very Special Party

By Kim Skeltis
Golden Gate National Parks Volunteer

A few weeks ago, I was preparing my home for a very large party with a long guest list. Outfitted in grubby jeans and work gloves, I started the day outside, weeding pesky invasive plants... more >>


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