Healthy Parks Healthy People Hits the Bay Area

Healthy Parks Healthy People Hits the Bay Area

From Park E-ventures, July 2012

HPHP Bay Area is a high-level collaboration model that aggregates local Healthy Parks Healthy People and Park Prescriptions initiatives into a regional effort, the first of its kind in the Healthy Parks Healthy People space. In June, 30 attendees shared their experiences and insight in administering or working with current health and parks initiatives, sharing ideas, challenges, and critical areas for improvement.

As the effort moves forward, the goal is to use collaboration to highlight and build upon best practices of established groups and their efforts, resolve infrastructure inefficiencies, and coordinate communications and administration. Nine counties in the Bay Area would be included, using regional strategy, communications, and infrastructure to strengthen local health and parks efforts and build support for new programs.

Thanks to support from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, the Institute at the Golden Gate will allocate a staff member to facilitate these functions and help get the initiative off the ground and running effectively. Collaborate and learn more about parks and health programs around the world on the Institute’s online Parks and Health Guide.

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