Muir Beach

Muir Beach Closed July 8-Mid December, 2013

From Park E-ventures, June 2013

Muir Beach will be closed July 8–late November (see update below), while the parking lot is realigned and wetlands restored. The parking lot, all parking in the area, and all services, including restrooms, will be closed during construction. The Pelican Inn will remain open, as well as trails leading from other areas of the park to Muir Beach, such as Tennessee Valley and Dias Ridge. With the parking lot closed and all services and restrooms removed from the area, park users are encouraged to continue along the trail; extended stops at the beach are not recommended during this time.

To learn more about other beaches and special places to visit in the parks this summer, visit Don’t forget—summer is the busiest time of the year for road, trail, and habitat restoration projects in the parks, so it’s always a good idea to plan your summer outings ahead of time. For updates on detours, closures, and re-openings, visit

Although this may seem like a real summer-bummer, there’s plenty of good news that comes with the summer’s closure! When the area reopens in late fall, visitors will see dramatic improvements—a newly surfaced and realigned parking lot, new vault toilets, new picnic area, and an extension of the current pedestrian bridge.


Most importantly, this summer’s work will complete the connection of Redwood Creek to its natural channel and floodplain! This is part of the Parks Conservancy’s long-term partnership with the National Park Service to restore the entire Redwood Creek Watershed, into Muir Woods and Dias Ridge, to protect wetland habitat for threatened and endangered species, such as Coho salmon and California red-legged frog.

Many thanks to Muir Beach neighbors and park visitors for your continued patience and support!

Update: The contractors have extended the opening date to mid-December.

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Coho (Silver) Salmon are a protected endangered species in California waters, therefore it is unlawful to fish for and (or) possess one. 
Submitted by Dan Nelson, CDF&W on December 27, 2013 
* * *
Still closed as of 24 December. Clearly a month behind schedule due to the driest year ever. 
Submitted by Mike on December 24, 2013 
* * *
THANKS!!! I have been trying to find info EVERYWHERE! 
Submitted by Shelley on December 22, 2013 
* * *
is muir beach open as of 12/20/2013? can't find info anywhere.. thanks 
Submitted by joanne on December 21, 2013 
* * *
They're taking extra time to make a fishing spot so you can easily land a coho salmon. Surfers are frothing because this Thanksgiving swell was sic! 
Submitted by Tony on November 30, 2013 
* * *
Not completed on time - well that is not surprising. Mid-December provides slighly more infornation than telling the public the lot will open in December. 
Submitted by earl on November 30, 2013 
* * *
when is the date for the reopening.  
Submitted by dudette on November 9, 2013 
* * *
Yes, can someone please tell us when Muir will reopen? Why is there no information about it!? 
Submitted by dude on November 2, 2013 
* * *
do you ave a firm date for reopening of muir beach 
Submitted by judy musa on October 25, 2013 


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