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A Bloomin' Good Time


The Big Show is back. One of the most beautiful natural phenomena in our Golden Gate National Parks, the spring wildflower display generally begins in March and reaches its peak in April and May. This year, however, splashes of color are hitting the landscape-sized... more >>

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Middle School Youth Blaze Their Trails

Volunteers planting at Mori Point

Urban Trail Blazers (UTB), Crissy Field Center’s middle school internship program, begins accepting summer applications this month. This year, 48 kids will have the chance to learn in and steward their Golden Gate National Parks—working on trails and delving into various environmental justice projects.

UTB... more >>

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Breezy Redtails and Their Feather Secrets

Red-tailed Hawk

“Is that hawk on a leash?!” The absurdity of the question nearly stopped me in my tracks last fall. As an intern and new docent with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, I had heard many of the same questions over and over again. Where... more >>

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Google Earth: Mapping Whales, Tracking Turtles

Google Earth

Last year, the Institute at the Golden Gate partnered with Google Earth Outreach to host a training workshop for environmental leaders on how to use Google mapping technology to amplify environmental and collaborative impact.

Over the past year, the Institute at the Golden Gate continued... more >>

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A Shamrock or a Sham?

Oxalis oregano

People often equate four-leafed clovers with shamrocks—probably because both are said to bring luck—but the original significance of the shamrock is more closely tied to the sacredness of groups of three in Celtic tradition.

Interestingly, there is no one species known in Ireland to be... more >>

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What's Hiding Under the Pines?

Winter Wonderland

The seasonal game of hide and go seek has begun! There are many players involved, so it is good to know what you are up against. What am I talking about? Mushroom hunting of course.

This seasonal adventure game is one of my favorite winter... more >>

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A New Way Through Muir Woods

Muir Woods Boardwalk

Heading down the Redwood Creek Trail in Muir Woods National Monument, visitors will come to a winding walkway through a grove of old-growth coast redwoods, bay laurels, and oak trees.

This new addition to the landscape is a 620-foot boardwalk, consisting of over 600 certified second-growth redwood boards. As a replacement... more >>

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