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Well-Spoken: Seven Sensational Bike Rides

09 Well Spoken: Six Sensational Bike Rides

We asked a panel of bike experts for their favorite rides in the Golden Gate National Parks. Read on for the full prescription from these cycle-ologists: directions, descriptions, tips, and more. Then put your mettle to the pedal and get out there!


Pacifica resident Jim Sullivan describes himself as... more >>

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The Challenge of National Parks Far From Cities

09 The Challenge of National Parks Far From Cities

By Elyse Wood
Communications and Administrative Coordinator at the Crissy Field Center

Golden Gate is a unique national park for many reasons: its urban setting, its sprawling expanse across three counties, and its award-winning youth education programs at Crissy Field Center.

The Center’s mission exudes our commitment to engaging youth—from our school... more >>

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Exploding the Myth of the Raptor Peak Week

Exploding the Myth of the Raptor Peak Week

Throughout the 1980s–90s, the GGRO Peak Week—that is, the seven-day stretch that contained the highest hawk count days of the year—truly happened in a week (or roughly a week). In those not-so-ancient times, we recorded highest count days as early as September 15 (569 sightings in 1987) and as late... more >>

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Go Car-Free to the Parks, Win Prizes

09 Go Car Free in the Parks Win Prizes

Our park partner the Bay Area Open Space Council is hosting a car-free challenge in which participants visit our parks using alternative transit means, document the experience, and win prizes.

The Bay Area Open Space Council is a coalition of nonprofits and public agencies that preserve parks and trails and the... more >>

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Four Must-Reads for Innovation and Insight

09 Four Must Reads for Innovation and Insight

As the official summer season draws to a close and the Institute at the Golden Gate moves into its next phase of programming, the team at the Institute is reading a number of great sources for inspiration and insight. Here are some recommended titles from a few of our team members... more >>

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Help Name a Shady New Building

09 Help Name a Shady New Building

The Presidio Native Plant Nursery—one of six nurseries in the Golden Gate National Parks—will soon open a long-awaited structure: a new 72’ by 110’ shadehouse!

A shadehouse is a structure used to house tender plants coming out of a greenhouse, as a way to harden them off and get them ready... more >>

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RYC Rollin': Part 3

Restoration Youth Crew (Mason Cummings)

2:03 pm: Stress release—and all other motivating factors—are waning. One hour into the afternoon session, the crew members are slowing considerably; some are leaning on their weed wrenches, some are sitting on the grass; some are declaring their need for naptime. “I’m having an existential crisis! What am I doing... more >>

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RYC Rollin': Part 2

Restoration Youth Crew member (Mason Cummings)

11:05 am: After a brief but intense climb, Price brings the caravan to a rest stop as he points out Angel Island in the Bay, and Mount Tamalpais looming before them. Along the way to the restoration site, a hillside... more >>

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RYC Rollin': A Day with the Restoration Youth Crew

Restoration Youth Crew (Mason Cummings)

The surfer. The artist. The Boy Scout. The nature lover. The self-described “girly girl.” These aren’t stereotypical characters stenciled into a new reality TV show. They’re some of the fascinating—and fantastic—high school students who were a part of this summer’s Restoration Youth Crew (RYC). Facilitated by the Conservancy’s Park Stewardship... more >>

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