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California banana slugs: Fun facts about our vibrant, terrestrial molluscs

Banana slug

The California banana slug is one of San Mateo County’s most iconic species. These animals need moisture, shade, and decomposing plant and animal material for consumption. more >>

November 2018 | Leave a comment

The White-Tailed Kite is quite a sight

White-tailed kite.

The White-Tailed Kite is a beautiful predatory raptor that has recently been spotted at various parklands in San Mateo. Read more about the role this bird plays in its ecosystem and why I think it is so special. more >>

November 2018 | Leave a comment

Building resilient forests to face climate change, sudden oak death, and wildfire at One Tam’s Science Summit

Mt. Tamalpais forests.

How can we brace forest ecosystems against rising temperatures, deadly pathogens, and voracious wildfires? At One Tam’s latest Science Summit, scientists and community members gathered to exchange knowledge and brainstorm solutions. What stood out? Collaborative efforts, mountains of data, and a dedication to preserving natural diversity. more >>

November 2018 | Leave a comment

Partnership between public libraries, public parklands leaps forward in 2018

Park Rangers pose ahead of a talk at the SFMOMA Public Knowledge Library in summer 2018.

Our already popular partnership with the San Francisco Public Library went to new heights in 2018. We saw a 24 percent increase in Summer Stride participation and 46 percent increase in ranger program participation! more >>

November 2018 | Leave a comment

Reflexiones: How parks can take us home

Arturo Perez

Former stewardship intern Aurora Perez shares her powerful connections to the parks, which started when her father brought her along on gardening jobs as a kid, paying her a dollar for every caterpillar she found. more >>

November 2018 | Leave a comment

Top Six Trails to Hike this Holiday Season

Just in time for the holidays: Work up an appetite—or ward off a food coma—on one of these truly unique trails in the Golden Gate National Parks. You might even see the latest Art in the Parks exhibit while you’re sweating out that seasonal smorgasbord. more >>

November 2018 | Leave a comment

Yours and Mine: Finding inspiration and friendship along a Presidio trail

Presidio trail

A spontaneous trip to the Presidio Coastal Bluffs turns into a source of inspiration for an unsuspecting Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy intern. more >>

October 2018 | Leave a comment

Conservancy, UC Berkeley team up for Peregrine Falcon nest cam

A Peregrine Falcon chick is seen post-banding at its Campanile nest at UC Berkeley.

By now, you might have heard about the nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons discovered at UC Berkeley in 2017. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a closer look? more >>

October 2018 | Leave a comment

Crissy Field then and now: Interactives show transformation from concrete to beloved parklands

Crissy Field is seen before its transformation from concrete to urban oasis, seen here in a 1997 file photo.

Remember when Crissy Field was a barren parking lot with tumbleweeds rolling through? Interactive sliders show just how much it’s changed for the better, as we look to the future with Crissy Field Next. Play around with the before and after images to see the change. more >>

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Massive blue whale sculpture, made from discarded plastic, makes a splash on Crissy Field

Whales are common recurring characters in the waters along Crissy Field, but this October, one (artificial) leviathan will be making landfall. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Blue Whale art exhibit on Crissy Field will challenge everyday visitors to examine their plastic consumption and the health of our oceans. See when it’s making its debut. >> more >>

October 2018 | Leave a comment


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