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Talkin’ A Different Kind of “Turkey”

Turkey Vultures

Here’s one “turkey” you might not want around your Thanksgiving dinner. The Turkey Vulture defecates on its feet, vomits as a defense, and feasts on carcasses. But it’s also one of the most fascinating animals in our parks. Learn how the GGRO is trying to unravel its mysteries. more >>

December 2016 | Leave a comment

Eight Spookiest Plants in the Golden Gate National Parks

They’re green. They’re ghoulish. And they’re right here in the Golden Gate National Parks. Because of their name, their look, or their poison, these boo-tanical specimens are fit for a witch’s brew, a Halloween party, or a little shop of horror. Read on, if you dare…. more >>

November 2016 | Leave a comment

Six Outstanding Examples of Art in National Parks

The nationwide Arts in the Parks program brings illuminating, inspirational, and thought-provoking pieces of art to public lands, from Ellis Island to Alcatraz Island. Learn about some exemplary artworks and exhibitions—and watch a video series that explains the program’s roots, impact, and future. more >>

November 2016 | Leave a comment

Insiders’ Tour: The New One Tam Roving Ranger

Our first “mobile trailhead” was a runaway success, so we’re proud to present our second Roving Ranger—a converted delivery truck that will serve as a roaming park ambassador for the One Tam initiative in Marin County. Step inside for a test drive! more >>

November 2016 | Leave a comment

'Home Land Security' Art Certain to Spark Dialogue in Uncertain Times

Home Land Security exhibition

Learn the story behind Home Land Security, an exhibition in the Presidio exploring complex themes of safety, national identity, and global security. Fittingly, the idea for this exhibition—open until December 18—was born halfway around the world. more >>

October 2016 | Leave a comment

Hot Tips for Cooling Off: The Best Beaches at Golden Gate

Best Beaches at Golden Gate

“Summer” is coming. Be prepared for when the temperature soars above the 60s this fall—discover the best beaches in your Golden Gate National Parks and learn important safety tips for any trip to the surf and shore. more >>

October 2016 | Leave a comment

The Rarest Birds Ever Seen From Hawk Hill

Rare birds

What’s even better than catching a rare Pokémon? Spotting a seldom-seen raptor from Hawk Hill. more >>

September 2016 | Leave a comment

Best Places to Eat: Fort Mason to the Golden Gate Bridge

Best Places to Eat

Make sure you stay hydrated and well-fueled at these excellent (and ’grammable) nosh spots between Fort Mason and the Golden Gate Bridge. more >>

September 2016 | Leave a comment

Happy 100th Birthday, National Park Service!

Happy Birthday, NPS

One hundred years ago on this date (Aug. 25), President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act that created the National Park Service. more >>

September 2016 | Leave a comment

Fastest, Farthest, Deepest: Olympic Champ Animals at Golden Gate

Olympic Champ Animals at Golden Gate

In honor of the upcoming Rio Olympics, we asked: Which animals are the best swimmers, divers, and fliers in these parklands and waters? They’re competing tooth-and-nail (and claw-and-tail) to claim the “gold” at Golden Gate! Find out which species stand atop the podium. more >>

August 2016 | Leave a comment


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