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National Trails Day 2015: One of the Biggest Ever

National Trails Day

This year for National Trails Day we’re thinking BIG.

“Why?” you ask.

We love trails. We love the way the impacted dirt supports our hiking boots, the way the sweeping curves provide momentum to our mountain bikes, and the sensation of climbing a high ridge crest on horseback.more >>

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Milagra Ridge: One of the Last Homes for the Mission Blue

Mission blue butterfly

The mission blue butterfly is an endangered butterfly native to the Bay Area. Males are a light, iridescent blue, and females are brown with blue towards the base. Their undersides are silvery gray, with black spots enclosed in white halos.

Mission blue butterflies live in open grassland areas,... more >>

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A Nursery Closes, but Its Legacy Grows On

Redwood Creek nursery

Watch the video:

Tucked onto a small lot near Muir Woods National Monument, the Redwood Creek Native Plant Nursery has been producing healthy native California plants for use in restoration projects for the last 25 years. From humble beginnings, Redwood Creek Nursery became the center of a... more >>

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Tough Parker: Are You Up for the Challenge?

Tough Parker

Stewarding the beloved Golden Gate National Parks takes blood, sweat, tears, and—most importantly—dirt. That's why we have decided to take our Park Stewardship program to the next level—announcing “Tough Parker,” an endurance event series for our hardcore park fans. Are you up for the challenge?

Show us how you’re training for... more >>

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Lyrical Landscape: Six Poems of Our Parklands


Capturing the majesty and the experience of natural settings through written language is a tradition as rich and time-honored as the land itself. In honor of National Poetry Month, we present to you... more >>

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Have You Ever Wanted to Fly Over Tam?

Our Tam

For people living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mount Tamalpais is more than just a mountain; it’s a cherished open space that encompasses some of the most beautiful, ecologically rich, and well-loved trails and parklands in the region. The birthplace of mountain biking and a source of inspiration for... more >>

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Report: Youth Key to Diversifying Park Visitation

Youth Participation Key to Diversifying Park Visitation

A new report by the Institute at the Golden Gate examines how recent research has shown that while the general population is growing ever more urban and diverse, the range of visitors to national parks has not kept pace. A 2008–09 survey showed that 13% of the U.S. population identify... more >>

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A Bird’s Eye View of Alcatraz

alcatraz gull

By Chris Briggs

Research Director, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory

Brandt’s Cormorants in spaced-apart “straw” nests. (credit: Allen Fish)

I recently spent part of the day visiting Alcatraz. There’s a lot of interesting history on that... more >>

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Golden Gate Herstory: Famous Ladies of the Parklands

meyer thumb

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting four fascinating women who made their mark on these lands that eventually became the Golden Gate National Parks in 1972.

Juana Briones
Juana Briones was a foundational... more >>

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A Dean Among Rangers: Park Superintendent Retires


By Greg Moore
President & CEO

In 2016, the National Park Service (NPS) will celebrate its 100th anniversary. For nearly 40 of those years, Frank Dean has donned the green and gray uniform and iconic flat-brimmed hat.

His first park ranger job was in 1976, as a seasonal... more >>

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