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Our National Park: A "Bucketful of Joy"

Card from 4th-6th graders who visited the Crissy Field Center

“Going to Crissy Field is as amazing as a kid not getting homework for the rest of the year.”

“Crissy Field Center was as awsome as buying a little kid a ice cream.”

“Being there was as fun as being on a roller coaster for the first time.”more >>

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Citizen Scientists Root for the 'Sea Hawks'

Citizen Scientists Root for the 'Sea Hawks'

This coming February marks the first meeting of the Citizen Science Association, to be held in San Jose, Calif., and one of the more interesting and powerful CS concepts is the idea of “outcomes.” How is a citizen volunteer changed by participating in scientific research? The results might be mundane,... more >>

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Hirsutory: A Hairy History of the Parklands


With men around the world growing mustaches in “Movember,” we sought inspiration in the annals of the Golden Gate National Parks. These parklands have seen many fine gentlemen of the face fur, and this list will “razor” awareness of some fascinating historical figures!

Click on the images below to learn more... more >>

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One Cool Cucumber: Marah and its Frightening Fruit

Marah and its Frightening Fruit

Known by a number of names (including wild cucumber, man root, and big root), Marah fabaceus, or Marah oreganus, isn’t what you would call a soft and fuzzy native plant, or one that might incite “oohs” and “ahhs” as you hike the park trails.

This creeping ground cover, which you’ll find... more >>

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“Cat” Café: Quick and Easy Cattail Recipes


You may have seen cattails’ tall green shoots poking out of a wetland, or glimpsed its distinctive brown seed heads while swimming in a lake. But, did you know that they are also highly edible? 

From roots to shoots, different parts of the plant can be ground into flour, sautéed, or... more >>

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8 Must-Do's at the New Presidio Officers' Club

Exterior rendering

View photo gallery >>

Touted as San Francisco’s most historic building, the Officers’ Club—once a social hub for U.S. Army officers and their families—has roots that go back to the earliest days of Spanish settlement, in the late 18th century.

The Presidio Trust’s October 4–5 reopening celebration culminates a three-year revitalization... more >>

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Growing Gains: Reflections from Two Nursery Youth Interns

Nursery interns

Last summer, we were a part of LINC (Linking Individuals to their Natural Communities), an internship with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy that strengthened our personal connections with the natural surroundings. We went around to different parts of the Golden Gate National Parks, such as Alcatraz, Mori Point,... more >>

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Coastal Cleanup Day 2014: Let’s Make Trash Extinct

Coastal Cleanup Day 2014

Whether or not we realize it, we all depend on a healthy ocean. Despite this fact, humans produce one of the greatest threats to our ocean’s health—pollution. What kind of pollution? The California Coastal Commission uses the term “marine debris,” and defines it as any manufactured or processed solid waste... more >>

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GGRO at 30: A Bird’s-Eye View of Its Successes

Cooper's Hawk

The Golden Gate Raptor Observatory (GGRO) is 30 years old this fall (you might even say it’s peeking into middle age). The year 1984 was indeed a long time ago; Ronald Reagan had just been re-elected. George W. Bush was between political campaigns and fully focused on starting small oil... more >>

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Oh, How We Have Grown

Oh, How We have Grown

Retiring as director of our Native Plant Nurseries gives me an excuse to think about how far the nurseries have come. When I arrived in the Golden Gate National Parks in 1997, there were already habitat restoration efforts in place—but park plant ecologists were realizing that the need for planting... more >>

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