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Interview with the Tam-pire: Bat Biologist Discusses Ongoing Study in Marin


Bats are much more than a spooky and superhero symbol: They’re a seldom-studied species that are important to the overall health of an ecosystem. In Marin County, researchers have recently started studying populations and colonies of the these nocturnal, winged animal. more >>

November 2017 | Leave a comment

Amazing Graze: 75 Goats Advance Rehabilitation Project at Fort Mason

80 Goats Advance Rehabilitation Project at Fort Mason

It’s been “Arma-goat-don” for the weeds at Fort Mason’s East Black Point. This past month, a herd of the quirky, cloven-hoofed critters cleared the area of invasive vegetation. Learn where the goats came from, why they’ve been in our parks, and how you can carry on their work. more >>

September 2017 | Leave a comment

Talkin' A Different Kind of "Turkey"

Turkey Vultures

Here’s one “turkey” you might not want around your Thanksgiving dinner. The Turkey Vulture defecates on its feet, vomits as a defense, and feasts on carcasses. But it’s also one of the most fascinating animals in our parks. Learn how the GGRO is trying to unravel its mysteries. more >>

December 2016 | Leave a comment

Fastest, Farthest, Deepest: Olympic Champ Animals at Golden Gate

Olympic Champ Animals at Golden Gate

In honor of the upcoming Rio Olympics, we asked: Which animals are the best swimmers, divers, and fliers in these parklands and waters? They’re competing tooth-and-nail (and claw-and-tail) to claim the “gold” at Golden Gate! Find out which species stand atop the podium. more >>

August 2016 | Leave a comment

Mission (Blue) Impossible: A Rescue Plan for Endangered Butterflies

Mission Blue Butterfly

In April, a team of scientists hatched a daring plan to save some endangered mission blue butterflies from a Milagra Ridge site ravaged by a plant pathogen. See how—and why—they relocated a couple of endangered butterflies to another spot on Milagra. more >>

July 2016 | Leave a comment

Baleen In: Record Number of Whales Spotted This Spring


In May, just outside the Golden Gate (and off the coast of our Golden Gate National Parks), humpback whales were gathering in record numbers—and blue whales were making extremely rare spring appearances. What explains this massing of these mammoth mammals? more >>

July 2016 | Leave a comment

Rescue Mission Proceeds: Captive-Raised Coho Begin Return to the Wild

Captive-Raised Coho Begin Return to the Wild

With Redwood Creek coho salmon on the brink of disappearing, biologists launched a last-ditch attempt to save them: harvesting local fish, raising them to reproductive maturity at a hatchery, and then returning them to the wild. In December, the first captive-raised coho were released. more >>

April 2016 | Leave a comment

Plight of the Pinnipeds: El Niño and Suffering Seals and Sea Lions

Sea lion

The Marine Mammal Center, based at Fort Cronkhite, rescued 1,800 animals in 2015—three times the average. Learn about one culprit, domoic acid, and how it’s produced, how seals and sea lions are affected, and why El Niño exacerbates its effects. more >>

February 2016 | Leave a comment

Are There Really More Great Whites Off Our Shores?

Are There Really More Great Whites Off Our Shores?

Media have been buzzing about recent great white shark sightings in the area. But we went to find out the truth about these mysterious (and unfairly maligned) fish, by asking noted biologists such as Parks Conservancy Trustee Dr. John McCosker. more >>

December 2015 | Leave a comment

This Celebration’s For the Birds

This Celebration’s For the Birds

On May 10, bring the whole family to Muir Beach and Muir Woods for International Migratory Bird Day! Learn the history of this unique event, now in its 14th year, and discover festivities in honor of our feathered friends across the Redwood Creek Watershed more >>


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