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A Shamrock or a Sham?

Oxalis oregano

Shamrocks are one of the quintessential symbols of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, but have you ever wondered how these cute green icons compare to plants we see in the wild, here in the Golden Gate National Parks? more >>

March 2012 | Leave a comment

What's Hiding Under the Pines?

Winter Wonderland

The seasonal game of hide and go seek has begun! It’s time for a favorite wintertime activity: mushroom hunting! With the late rains, we’ll be seeing mushrooms popping up later than usual in our parks. Let’s get started! more >>

March 2012 | Leave a comment

Cracking the Great Pollination Mystery

Rock Cress

What’s the most beautiful native plant in the parklands that you’ve never seen? Here’s a hint: its magenta flowers are so bright that it’s known by a range of common names that sound like lipsticks: rose delight, red sensation, and spring charm. Still stumped? Read on, and learn about its intriguing mystery. more >>

February 2012 | Leave a comment


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