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Four Must-Reads for Innovation and Insight

09 Four Must Reads for Innovation and Insight

As the official summer season draws to a close and the Institute at the Golden Gate moves into its next phase of programming, the team at the Institute is reading a number of great sources for inspiration and insight. Here are some recommended titles from a few of our team members... more >>

September 2012 | Leave a comment

Many Hands Make Big Impacts for the Institute

08 Many Hands Make Big Impacts for the Institute

The Institute at the Golden Gate has had the privilege of hosting many fellows and interns throughout the past four years of building programs and driving action around environmental issues. This month, we’re honoring the many professionals who have helped us research, write, strategize, and cultivate key relationships.

Over the years,... more >>

August 2012 | Leave a comment

Healthy Parks Healthy People Hits the Bay Area

Healthy Parks Healthy People Hits the Bay Area

HPHP Bay Area is a high-level collaboration model that aggregates local Healthy Parks Healthy People and Park Prescriptions initiatives into a regional effort, the first of its kind in the Healthy Parks Healthy People space. In June, 30 attendees shared their experiences and insight in administering or working with current... more >>

July 2012 | Leave a comment

Institute Heeds Call to "Eat Well and Prosper"

Institute Heeds Call to Eat Well and Prosper

A key component of the Institute at the Golden Gate’s continuing Food for the Parks initiative is its close collaboration with the National Park Service to develop the NPS’ Healthy and Sustainable Food Program (HSFP). The creation of this program was spurred by NPS Director Jon Jarvis’ Call to Action,... more >>

May 2012 | Leave a comment

International Park Leaders Learn From Golden Gate

International Park Leaders Learn from Golden Gate

In April, the Institute at the Golden Gate and Golden Gate National Parks will welcome the third National Parks Institute (NPI) Executive Leadership Seminar to Cavallo Point Lodge at Fort Baker. During the National Parks Institute’s intensive 12-day program, park leaders spend time within... more >>

April 2012 | Leave a comment

Google Earth: Mapping Whales, Tracking Turtles

Google Earth

Last year, the Institute at the Golden Gate partnered with Google Earth Outreach to host a training workshop for environmental leaders on how to use Google mapping technology to amplify environmental and collaborative impact.

Over the past year, the Institute at the Golden Gate continued... more >>

March 2012 | Leave a comment

Golden Gate in Spotlight at Park Summit

Battery East Trail

This week in Washington, D.C., the America’s Summit on National Parks was hosted by the National Parks Conservation Association, the National Park Foundation, and the National Park Hospitality Association.

The Institute at the Golden Gate, one of the Parks Conservancy’s programs in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS), was there... more >>

February 2012 | Leave a comment


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