Google Maps Brown Bag

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the Institute at the Golden Gate hosted a “brown bag” lunch presentation on March 23, 2011, on Google Earth and Maps technologies, how other non-profits have used these tools to tell their stories, and how to use the basic tools to build a custom experience to inform, educate, engage and enthrall others about park issues. Invited were staff members from the National Park Service, the Parks Conservancy, and the Presidio Trust, the three agencies responsible for managing the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The Institute at the Golden Gate hosted the Google Earth Outreach team at Cavallo Point Lodge during February 16–17, 2011, who trained staff from these agencies, who themselves are now doing these trainings for their agencies.

Time 00:00 to 11:27 — Wendy Marinaccio, Parks Conservancy, on What is Google Earth? Why does this matter to the Parks Conservancy, the National Park Service and the Presidio Trust?

Time 11:28 to 32:54 — Ben Fash, Parks Conservancy on What are the possibilities for using Google technology? How have other organizations used it?

Time 32:55 to 53:01 — Michael Norelli, Parks Conservancy, on How can I learn to use these free tools?

Time 53:02 to 53:40 — Stephanie Duncan, Institute at the Golden Gate, on Institute resources

Time 54:36 to 59:45 — Michael Norelli hosts questions and answers

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