Project WISE: Lead in Water Presentation 2008Project WISE: Lead in Water Presentation 2008
Project WISE students, Armando Frias and Lizzette Olguin, present their finding from their original research project.

Pumped Up to Count Egg MassesPumped Up to Count Egg Masses
Get a glimpse of biologists counting egg masses of the threatened California red-legged frog as they monitor efforts to restore habitat at Mori Point.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Radical IdeasRadical Ideas and the Mojo of Change
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: How will the best of ideas survive when change is so difficult to achieve?

Re-Mix the Message: Advertising Energy.Re-Mix the Message: Advertising Energy. I-YEL 2009
I-YELers used ???found footage??? to re-mix energy advertisements into new creations with critical messages.

Red Legged Frog Monitoring at Mori PointRed Legged Frog Monitoring at Mori Point
This winter biologists are hard at work monitoring the health of California red-legged frog populations by taking inventory of their egg masses.

Redwood Creek Journal Day 1Redwood Creek Journal - Day 1
Get a first hand look of the amazing transformations taking place at Redwood Creek with television journalist Doug McConnell.

Redwood Creek Journal Day 10Redwood Creek Journal - Day 10
There's only about a month to go before the restoration effort wraps up for the winter season. Attention to detail and persistence have begun to pay off as the project begins to take shape.


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