Redwood Creek Journal Day 3 Part 1Redwood Creek Journal - Day 3, Part 1
Redwood Creek is literally buzzing with activity as cattails are carefully removed in a floodplain where the new creek channel will be carved.

Redwood Creek Journal Day 3, Part 2Redwood Creek Journal - Day 3, Part 2
The restoration crew works to restore the hillside alluvial fan that was previously depositing sediment in Redwood Creek.

Redwood Creek Journal Day 3 Part 3Redwood Creek Journal - Day 3, Part 3
Project managers uncover a serious problem in the hillside that needs to be addressed before the project moves forward.

edwood Creek Journal Day 4Redwood Creek Journal - Day 4
Join the biological monitors as they carefully relocate endangered California red-legged frogs to a safer location while the restoration crew lines the new and improved channel.

dwood Creek Journal Day 5Redwood Creek Journal - Day 5
The restoration crew excavates gravel from the old Redwood Creek channel for use in the new one. In the meantime, it will allow water to flow more freely during the heavy winter rain.

Redwood Creek Journal Day 6Redwood Creek Journal - Day 6
Since our last visit, the restoration crew has made some dramatic changes to the hillside on the alluvial fan. Work proceeds rapidly in the drainage ditch and the California Coastal Trail.

Redwood Creek Journal Day 7Redwood Creek Journal - Day 7
Today, new features are everywhere to be seen, and old ones are being toppled and removed. Cypress trees are being felled and removed to be used as debris in the new creek channel.

Redwood Creek Journal Day 8Redwood Creek Journal - Day 8
More environmentally suitable gravel had to be acquired to fill the channel bed and stay on schedule before the winter rains. Work continues rapidly on the alluvial fan.


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