Redwood Creek OverviewRedwood Creek Overview
In the summer of 2010 the restoration of Redwood Creek was occurring in and around its lower flood plan near its mouth at Muir Beach.

Redwood Creek PrologueRedwood Creek Prologue
Join television journalist Doug McConnell as he follows the amazing transformations taking place at Muir Beach.

Redwood Creek RestorationRedwood Creek Restoration at Muir Beach
Take a look back at the past three years of restoration at Redwood Creek as the project wraps up after decades of planning.

Rob Weinberg's I-YEL interview / Widget JamRob Weinberg's I-YEL interview / Widget Jam
Rob Weinberg did a lot of things while working at the Crissy Field Center, but above all else, he challenged us.

Science in the City: Bat SpeakScience in the City: Bat Speak
Every night at Fort Funston, after all the people and dogs have left for the day, the bats come out to play.

Fire and ButterfliesScience on the SPOT: Fire and Butterflies
The Golden Gate National Parks study how fire may promote the growth of Silver Leaf Lupin, a native flower that serves as host to the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly.

Glowing Millipedes of AlcatrazScience on the SPOT: The Glowing Millipedes of Alcatraz
Last March, one of our QUEST contributors, Thibault Worth, wrote a piece about the fluorescent millipedes that were unexpectedly discovered on Alcatraz during a survey of the rat population on the island.

Science to ActionScience to Action: Linking Deep Scientific Research to the Real World
Dr. Celia Harvey speaks at Conversations with Eco-Innovators Lecture Series 2009-2010.


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