Redwood Creek PrologueRedwood Creek Prologue
Join television journalist Doug McConnell as he follows the amazing transformations taking place at Muir Beach.

Redwood Creek RestorationRedwood Creek Restoration at Muir Beach
Take a look back at the past three years of restoration at Redwood Creek as the project wraps up after decades of planning.

Rob Weinberg's I-YEL interview / Widget JamRob Weinberg's I-YEL interview / Widget Jam
Rob Weinberg did a lot of things while working at the Crissy Field Center, but above all else, he challenged us.

Science in the City: Bat SpeakScience in the City: Bat Speak
Every night at Fort Funston, after all the people and dogs have left for the day, the bats come out to play.

Fire and ButterfliesScience on the SPOT: Fire and Butterflies
The Golden Gate National Parks study how fire may promote the growth of Silver Leaf Lupin, a native flower that serves as host to the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly.

Glowing Millipedes of AlcatrazScience on the SPOT: The Glowing Millipedes of Alcatraz
Last March, one of our QUEST contributors, Thibault Worth, wrote a piece about the fluorescent millipedes that were unexpectedly discovered on Alcatraz during a survey of the rat population on the island.

Science to ActionScience to Action: Linking Deep Scientific Research to the Real World
Dr. Celia Harvey speaks at Conversations with Eco-Innovators Lecture Series 2009-2010.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Unlocking the MysteriesScience: Unlocking the Mysteries
A member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr. Schneider has been warning us of the dangers of human-induced climate change for more than 20 years.


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