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Dr. Daphne MillerDr. Daphne Miller - Chapter 11 - Partners Outdoors
Dr. Daphne Miller, professor at University of California San Francisco, speaks about the health benefits of people recreating in the outdoors.

EcotourismEcotourism from the Ground Up
Megan Epler Wood speaks at Conversations with Eco-Innovators Lecture Series 2009???2010

Turning the Tide 2009 - Energy and ProfitEnergy and Profit
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: If the profit motive provides the strongest driver of change, what can be predicted about energy ???winners and losers??? in this era of caution, price, and new policies?

Turning the Tide 2009 - Environmental JusticeEnvironmental Justice
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: The longer story of passion and urban transformation.

Exploring the Pacific Garbage PatchExploring the Pacific Garbage Patch /Feeding the World
Turning the Tide Conference 2010: Conversations about the enormous garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean and the issues in providing food for an overpopulated planet.

 he Sky, Feet in the Mud - Food and Framing on the Urban EdgeFood and Farming on the Urban Edge
Sibella Kraus, Woody Tasch, and Jeremy Madsen speak at the Head in the Sky, Feet in the Mud Lecture Series 2008???2009.

Food for the ParksFood for the Parks Initiative
The Institute's Food for the Parks initiative sprouted from a number of collaborative connections at Institute events.

Bill McKibben speaks at the Institute of the Golden GateFood for the Parks Panel
Bill McKibben, author, educator, and environmentalist joined National Park Service leaders and sustainable food experts to discuss climate change and the value of local food systems.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Getting it RightFood: Getting It Right
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: Dr. Dean Ornish and Alice Waters are interviewed by Peter Lewis.

Google Mapping Presentation at the InstituteGoogle Earth Mapping
Rebecca Moore of Google Earth Outreach demonstrates how Google mapping tools can be applied to issues such as environmental conservation, human rights, cultural preservation, and sustainability.


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