Prescriptions to Improve Ocean's Health /The Nine Gorillas

Turning the Tide conference 2010

Prescriptions to Improve the Oceans Health - with Alex Bogusky

What will the loss of the ocean’s biodiversity cost us in the long term? What can we learn from what the ocean is telling us? Wildlife experts and conservationists link the health of our ocean’s species to our own survival.

Moderated by: John McCosker, Senior Scientist and Chair, Department of Aquatic Biology, California Academy of Sciences
Randall Arauz, President, PRETOMA, Costa Rica
Peter Knights, Executive Director, WildAid
Duane Silverstein, Executive Director, Seacology
Wallace “J.” Nichols, Senior Research Scientist, The Ocean Conservancy

The Nine Gorillas - A Town hall Discussion

Great innovation is often precipitated by great challenges. But to have the chance at innovation, we must first recognize these challenges. How will business create sustainable systems? How will business change as consumers become more aware and involved? How will businesses weave moral purpose into their mission statements? Alex helps us identify the patterns of the new environment we all live in. The changes are many—and how we handle them will be the key not just to the survival of companies, but to our quality of life for generations.

Alex Bogusky, Chief Creative Insurgent, MDC Partners

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