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Turning the Tide 2009 - Energy and ProfitEnergy and Profit
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: If the profit motive provides the strongest driver of change, what can be predicted about energy ???winners and losers??? in this era of caution, price, and new policies?

Turning the Tide 2009 - Environmental JusticeEnvironmental Justice
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: The longer story of passion and urban transformation.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Getting it RightFood: Getting It Right
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: Dr. Dean Ornish and Alice Waters are interviewed by Peter Lewis.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Guilds Report ActionsGuilds Report Actions
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: Open Discussion.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Making a Responsible IdeaMaking a Responsible Idea
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: Craig Frazier discusses the notion of "Responsible Ideas"

Turning the Tide 2009 - Nine LivesNine Lives Heading for the Tenth
Physician, author, actor, technologist, warrior, peacemaker, seer, strategist, adventurer. How does all of this lead up to saving the planet???his foremost passion?

Turning the Tide 2009 - Once Around the FutureOnce Around the Future
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: The power of innovative thinking is shaping the things to come.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Planet on a TimelinePlanet on a Timeline
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: Panel discussion on the timeline of climate change.

Turning the Tide 2009 - presenting the Big ChallengesPresenting the Big Challenges
Leaving ???silo-think??? and traditional discussions, this provocative assembly of pioneers will challenge the room with questions to change the paradigm on conventional thinking.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Radical IdeasRadical Ideas and the Mojo of Change
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: How will the best of ideas survive when change is so difficult to achieve?

Turning the Tide 2009 - Unlocking the MysteriesScience: Unlocking the Mysteries
A member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr. Schneider has been warning us of the dangers of human-induced climate change for more than 20 years.

Turning the Tide 2009 - power of a Bright IdeaThe Power of a Bright Idea
100 People photographer/filmmaker Carolyn Jones shares fascinating photos and video of their creations.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Highlight ReelTurning the Tide 2009
Highlight reel of The Institute at the Golden Gate's first annual signature conference.

Turning the Tide 2009 - What the Oceans Can Tell UsWhat the Ocean Tells Us
Through his National Geographic-sponsored OCEANS 8 project, writer and filmmaker Jon Bowermaster and his teams voyaged around the world by sea kayak, sail, foot, and small plane.

Turning the Tide 2009 - Youth SpeajksYouth Speaks at Turning the Tide
Turning the Tide Conference 2009: Youth Speaks presented by the Institute at the Golden Gate


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