Curran White


Senior Social Media and Web Content Specialist
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy


Curran White--or Ryan White as he's more commonly known--is the senior social media and web content specialist for the Parks Conservancy. Ryan has a background in journalism, editing, digital content strategy, and plain, old storytelling. He loves to tell stories in every format possible: Photos, videos, GIFs, live streams, etc. And while he hails from the Pacific Northwest, he has roots here in the Bay Area and a deep appreciation for the Golden Gate National Parks.

Articles by Curran White

  • Why Bees Are All the Buzz—In the Presidio, Across the Country
    With the overall bee population in decline across the U.S. and California, the Presidio is seeing a growing number of bees. Learn why—and discover expert tips on growing a native-plant garden that encourages pollinators and gives bees a much-needed boost.

  • Serenity Wow: Top Spots to Get Away from It All
    With the pressures of the holidays upon us (and the stress of everything else that’s going on in the world), parks can be a great place to escape, re-center, and refocus. Here are some of the most peaceful spots in the Golden Gate National Parks.

  • Six Outstanding Examples of Art in National Parks
    The nationwide Arts in the Parks program brings illuminating, inspirational, and thought-provoking pieces of art to public lands, from Ellis Island to Alcatraz Island. Learn about some exemplary artworks and exhibitions—and watch a video series that explains the program’s roots, impact, and future.

  • Tennessee Valley Nursery Closes; Its Legacy Grows On
    Established in 1987, the Tennessee Valley Nursery closed its nearly 30-year run in May. Thanks to dedicated volunteers, the facility produced thousands of plants for habitat restoration sites all across the parks. In this video, hear from some of the amazing people who made it all possible.

  • Are There Really More Great Whites Off Our Shores?
    Media have been buzzing about recent great white shark sightings in the Bay Area.