Close-up of Lupine the red-tailed hawk

Lupine (named for the unassuming host plant of the endangered Mission blue butterfly) is a first-year Red-tailed Hawk trapped, tagged, and outfitted with a transmitter on September 7, 2014, in the Marin Headlands. In just one week she flew 540 miles south to Indio, CA. Then, on September 15, she reported from the Mojave Desert where her transmitter suddenly went dark – until now! In just three days, Lupine traversed a mountain range and flew roughly 500 miles NORTH to an area just outside of Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Where will she go next? Check out our GSM Tracking map to find out!

Map of Lupine's locations:

Tracking Lupine the red-tailed hawk

Contact Information

Chris Briggs