May 10, 2014


Audience: Groups, Job Applicants, High School Students, Families, Elementary School Students

Location: Crissy Field Center, Crissy Field

Event Type: Youth Leadership

The Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders will be hosting an event, Pollution Palooza, at the Crissy Field Center, where participants can run an obstacle course addressing different forms of pollution including but not limited to: air, light, visual, and noise pollution. There will also be a Pollution Pavilion with event booths, where participants can explore more about the harmful effects of pollution, and ways to take part in easy day-to-day solutions!

10:00 am- Registration and check in (Please bring Waivers)
11:00-1:00 pm- Scheduled races
1:30 pm- Award ceremony
2:00 pm- Open course

The event is FREE!!!

We formally invite you to put on your sneakers, sweats, and come on down to participate in our fight against pollution!


18 and under waivers 

Adult waivers

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