April 30, 2013

6-8 pm

Event Type: Book Reading/Signing, Environment/Science, Food, Partner Event

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Please join CUESA for a talk by Dr. Daphne Miller, followed by a reception with farmers market refreshments and a book signing (books for sale by Book Passage).

Practicing family physician and author of The Jungle Effect, Dr. Miller left her medical office and traveled to seven innovative family farms across the country to better understand the connections between sustainable agriculture and the health of her patients. The product of her adventures is Farmacology: What Innovative Family Farming Can Teach Us About Health and Healing, a compelling new vision for sustainable health and healing and a treasure trove of farm-to-body lessons that have immense value in our daily lives. The book explores such questions as:

  • How does rejuvenating depleted soil show us how to rejuvenate ourselves?
  • What can grazing methods on a ranch teach us about how to raise resilient children?
  • How can chicken farming help us to distinguish good stress from bad stress?
  • How do vineyard pest management strategies reveal a radically new take on cancer?
  • What can an urban farming network show us about innovations in public health?
  • How can an aromatic herb farm help unlock the secret to sustainable beauty?

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