April 29, 2018


Audience: Members, Families

Location: Presidio of San Francisco

Event Type: Member Event

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Bring the whole family to experience the fun and  heritage of your national park!

Yummy Spanish and Mexican Picnic, Kid and Adult Beverages, S’more Making, Kid and Dad Bands, Camp Crafts, Games, Activities & Adventures, Body Art,  Toddler Corral, Teen Camp, and lots of space for running, jumping, and exploring.


Kelly Anderson
Leslie Olrich


Melissa Barber
Yvonne Blaxter
Janet Bijur
Lisa Bogosian
Carrie Chee
Martha Ehmann Conte
Angela Crabill
Tracy Falconer
Shannon Gilbert
Kara Goldin
Carter Graeber
Amanda Hoenigman
Susan Hopkinson
Kathleen Roldan Jackson
Alex Lyon
Maggie Mack
Kristin MacKnight
Natasha Monahan
Jennifer Riedy
Kristy Rogers
Tray Schlarb
Catarina Schwab
Ash Shah
Mary Sky
Claire Spaht
Celeen Stenzler
Hope Timberlake
Stephanie Tuttle
Jennifer VanderMarck
Caroline Wilkinson
Annie Woods
Ariane Zewe


Boden Anderson
Elsa Anderson
James Baker
Kamilla Baker
Mason Barber
Margaux Barber
Sophia Barker
Jack Bijur
Evie Bijur
Brooks Bijur
Adeline Blaxter
Henry Blaxter
Ever Bogosian
Van Lear Bolton
Jake Boyden
Catalina Brown
Caden Codik
Sterling Colpitts
Karis Crabill
Cici Dedyo
Elsie Dedyo
Alexandra Eisler
Sam Eisler
Nate Eisler
Jake Falconer
Peyton Falconer
Charlie Farrell
Owen Field
Alex Field
Cami Fishman
Ally Fishman
Kenzo Fortune
Owen Frederick
Ollie Garfinkel
Finn Gilbert
Sophia Gnuse
Lily Graeber
Pearce Graeber
Asher Greenfield
Henry Gretsch
Declan Gretsch
Everett Gross
William Hansen
Oliver Heldfond
Pierce Hoenigman
Bryce Hoenigman
Cal Iverson
Ollie Iverson
Cristina Jackson
Samantha Jackson
Theo Koukopoulos
Will Koukopoulos
Xander Kryska
Kingsley Kryska
Rohan Kumar
Charlotte Lyon
Oliver Lyon
Max MacGibbon
Chase Mack
Ruby MacKnight
Nola MacKnight
Chase Meyer
Ian Monahan
Skylar Monahan
Kellan Monahan
Grant Moses
Aidan Moses
Jay Nagpal
Zach Olrich
Tanner Olrich
Bebe Reed
Willa Riedy
Maxi Schilling
Isa Schlarb
Dylan Schwab
Felicity Schwab
Shloak Shah
Carl Smith
Chloe Smith
Eliza Spaht
Peyton Spaht
Coco Stenzler
Peter Stovell
James Stovell
Ryan Timberlake
Avery Tuttle
Theo VanderMarck
Annabelle VanderMarck
Kaija Walcott
Zach Walcott
Parker Wilkinson
Drew Wilkinson
Ella Woods
Montgomery Woods

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These Parks Conservancy Leaders Circle benefits are included with these* purchase levels

  • Tickets for family of two adults and the children of one family 
  • Leaders Circle membership, including invitations to the Annual 4th of July Fireworks and other event 
  • Monthly family activities e-newsletter
  • Listing on invitation, web page, signage, and annual report

$5,000 Campfire Cultivator Sponsorship*

  • Tickets include grandparents
  • Family long-sleeved Campfire t-shirts

$2,500 Campfire Coach Sponsorship*

  • Tickets include grandparents
  • Family Campfire ball caps

$1,500 Campfire Kindler Tickets and PCLC Membership Renewal*
(For families who are or have been PCLC Members)

$1,000 Campfire Camper Tickets and Introductory PCLC Membership*
(One-time membership discount for families who are NEW to PCLC Membership)

  • Tickets for family of 2 adults and your children
  • WKS membership, including invitations to the Annual 4th of July Fireworks and other events

$500 Campfire Tickets

  • Tickets for family of 2 adults and the children of one family
  • PCLC benefits not included
We welcome friends, neighbors and extended family to join you:

$100 for Each Additional Adult Ticket (purchased in addition to one of the above categories)

$50 for Each Additional Child Ticket (purchased in addition to one of the above categories)

We cannot attend but would like to make a contribution to the PCLC

The PCLC Family Campfire is a friendraiser for the Parks Conservancy Leaders Circle (formerly the William Kent Society)a group of park lovers who annually contribute $1000 or more to support the work of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the non-profit partner for the Golden Gate National Parks.


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