May 21, 2016- May 22, 2016


Audience: Families

Location: Fort Point

Event Type: Exhibit/Installation, Art in the Parks

The Francis Wong Unit, Lenora Lee Dance, Kei Lun Martial Arts, and Wesley Ueunten’s traditional Okinawan musicians and dancers, are coming together to bring the parks the Double Victory Project in a cross-cultural, inter-generational artistic exploration.

The title “Double Victory” refers to the desire by communities of color for victory over fascism abroad and racial discrimination here at home. It was the tremendous need for global and domestic participation in the wartime alliance against the Axis Powers that brought about significant changes in U.S. immigration and domestic civil rights policies. It was during this period for example, that the Chinese Exclusion Act was lifted and barriers to naturalization of immigrants were cleared.

Fort Point, a majestic and visually impressive historic monument located under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, provides both a beautiful and symbolic setting for these performances.  This project is a part of the National Park Service Centennial Celebration and in observation of 2016 Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

Asian Improv aRts is a non-profit community based organization committed to producing, promoting, and presenting artistic works representing Asian American experiences. For 29 years they have brought to the community countless works by dozens of accomplished artists dedicated to a vision of compassion and social justice. 

Lenora Lee Dance aims to create and present large-scale multimedia performance works integrating dance, original music, video projection, text and installation that connect various styles of movement and music to culture, history and human rights issues.

For more information, please call 415-556-1693.

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