March 10, 2018

Audience: Adults, High School Students, Public, Seniors

Location: Mount Tamalpais

Event Type: One Tam, Hiking

Mt. Tam Saturday Hike at Mt. Home - Hosted by Friends of Mt. Tam

Host: Friends of Mt. Tam

Enjoy this sunset hike and discover the geology, ecology and cultural history of the area with others who love Mt. Tam. Led by trained volunteers from the Friends of Mt. Tam, this hike is 7 to 9-1/2 miles, over hilly, rocky terrain, up to a 2,200′ elevation gain and is quick paced. Bring hiking boots, plenty of water and a light snack. The topic of this hike is "trees".

Meeting Location

Meet at the Mt. Home. Check the Friends of Mt. Tam website for detailed directions, hike updates, and more information on what to bring. 

Contact Information

Call (415) 258-2410 for a recorded message about upcoming hikes, changes or last minute additions.

Learn more about Friends of Mt. Tam.

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