March 15, 2016

10 am-12:30 pm

Audience: Groups, Adults, High School Students, Public, Middle School Students, Families, Seniors, Educators, Preschool Students, Elementary School Students

Location: Mount Tamalpais, Muir Woods National Monument

Event Type: Environment/Science, Birds/Wildlife, History, One Tam

At our meeting grounds under the Muir Woods archway, we catch our first glimpse of Redwood Creek. We will make our way upstream keeping an eye and ear open for the coho salmon. This tour is part of a series, and as the weather changes so too will the tour. While observing the stream height we will consider what adult female coho are looking for as spawning locations. As the tour progresses upstream, stopping one-mile up Bootjack Trail, we will have discussed healthy streams, obstacles these fish must overcome, and what to look for this winter.

Reservations required; please call (415) 388-2596.

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