Make a New Year’s Resolution to Leave a Legacy for the Parks!

The new year is a great time to think about the future of the people and places that mean the most to you. Make a difference for our Golden Gate National Parks by naming the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy as a beneficiary of your estate plan. Your legacy gift would support our parklands for generations to come. To learn more about bequest opportunities and impacts of your estate gift or to join the Silver Lupine Circle, comprised of Conservancy legacy supporters, please contact Audrey L. Yee, Esq. at (415) 561-3016 or We very much appreciate your consideration. And all best wishes to you and yours in the coming year.

Legislative Update

In the final tax legislation passed at yearend, it appears that the benefit of itemizing deductions is preserved for a large percentage of individuals who itemized in the past. For those who no longer will itemize deductions because of the increased standard deduction and other factors, many will enjoy increased discretionary income due to a lower tax rate, which can be spent, saved or given to charitable organizations. And while deductions for mortgage interest and state and local taxes are more limited, the amount of charitable gifts that can be deducted each year is increased to 60% of adjusted gross income for cash gifts. Importantly, there is no change to the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) rollover provisions that allow individuals over 70½ years of age to directly transfer a portion of their mandatory IRA distributions to charity without incurring income tax. Nor are Donor Advised Funds subject to new regulations. The nuances of the new tax laws are complex and will impact individuals in different ways depending on their sources of income and mortgage and state tax expenses, but the legislation holds opportunities for American taxpayers to continue supporting their favorite charities without adverse consequences.

When you make the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy a beneficiary in your estate plan, your legacy helps make possible:

      Thousands of children and youth in environmental education programs

      New trails, bikeways, overlooks, and visitor centers

      Tens of thousands of volunteers engaging in park stewardship

      Restored habitat for endangered and threatened species

      Hundreds of thousands of native plants revitalizing ecosystems

      An infinitely expanding web of ecological knowledge

      And countless moments of wonder, from young people visiting a national park for the first time.

When you make a planned gift to the Conservancy, you become a member of the Silver Lupine Circle — a community of park lovers who, like you, want these national treasures protected and nurtured for generations to come. You join an extraordinary group of people — hikers and history buffs, beachcombers and triathletes, volunteers and  philanthropists, parents and grandparents, friends and neighbors — who care about these parks as much as you do.


Benefits of the Silver Lupine Circle include:

      A gift from the Conservancy

      Acknowledgement in the Conservancy’s annual report and Gateways newsletter

      Invitations to exclusive events and tours

      Regular correspondence sharing an insider’s view on park happenings

      The lifelong satisfaction of knowing your gift will protect wildlife, safeguard our cultural heritage, and enrich lives far into the future


We can help you arrange a convenient and tax-efficient way to give long-term support to the parks through your:


      Charitable trust

      Retirement plan assets

      Life insurance policies


To learn more, download our brochure Where Does Forever Begin? (pdf) or contact:


Audrey L. Yee, Esq.

Director of Planned Giving:

Phone: (415) 561-3016