Every visit with friends and family to the Golden National Parks is more than a great, invigorating adventure. It’s an opportunity to learn in fascinating detail about our community’s precious natural resources.

At the Parks Conservancy we connect you with your environment, your cultural legacy, and each other. Our extensive variety of park programs makes this treasured coast mean much more—to our diverse communities and to every potential park steward of any age.

Enrich your lives, educate your children, and ensure that our natural legacy is protected for generations.

Youth >>
Get down and dirty. Put on your grungiest gear and join your friends (and make new ones) having fun and putting your green ideals into action. There are always projects here waiting for you to jump in and help.

For Educators >>
The Golden Gate National Parks are extraordinary classrooms for connecting students with our history, culture, and natural environment.

Interpretive Walks >>
Explore the Golden Gate National Parks with the experts. Conservancy staff, park rangers, and other dedicated naturalists and historians offer their stories and expertise on an assortment of exciting themes.

Park Academy Classes >>
The Park Academy provides professional career preparation for park interns, professional development opportunities for park staff, and enrichment of the parks' community volunteer programs and Conservancy members by providing ongoing learning opportunities.

Roving Ranger >>
After many years of planning, the Roving Ranger has finally come to fruition! With a flashy green and orange exterior, at first glance this vehicle may look like the common food truck.

Parks Culture and History >>
The history of the Golden Gate National Parks, both natural and man-made, is exceptionally rich. Discover more about the deep connections of these parks to local history.