The CAP Leadership Training (CAPLT) is designed to provide leaders with the skills and resources to plan and lead a youth camping trip in the Presidio and beyond. During the two-day and one-night CAP Leadership Training, teachers and leaders practice front country camping skills and familiarize themselves with the Presidio’s natural, historical, and cultural resources.

Participants learn the basics on how to reserve future camping trips through CAP and are trained to lead place-based nature hikes and other outdoor activities. After Program Leaders have completed the Leadership Training, they are certified and can then begin scheduling camping trips in the Presidio.

Upon completion of a 30 hour, overnight CAP Leadership Training, participants gain access to a full-service camping experience in the heart of San Francisco (including gear, transportation, educational programing and pre-trip orientations).

2018 Camping at the Presidio Leadership Training Dates:

- CAPLT #1: February 10-11

- CAPLT #2: March 27-28

- CAPLT #3: Aug. 4-5

- CAPLT #4: Sept. 8: ONE DAY (Re-certification only – restricted registration)

- CAPLT #5: Sept. 22-23

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CAP leadership training participants

“The most useful part of the training was learning the intentionality behind every process of camping and how that translates to leading groups” - CAP trained leader

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