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Petal Pushers is a signature educational program offered at the Presidio Nursery. It is a program designed by Nursery educators to connect knee-high naturalists to nature and ecology.

This program works in partnership with San Francisco Unified School District, maintaining science content and performance standards while providing an outdoor classroom experience to local students.

Instead of using lecturing as the basis of learning, Petal Pushers uses inquiry as a method of engagement, where the students learn by the feel of a leaf, the smell of a flower, and the shape of a seed in order to grasp the overall gestalt of a plant and its habitat. Through this method of inquiry as well as by using the Scientific Method, students learn about indigenous plants and their life-cycles, including how they are pollinated, how they disperse their seed, and other adaptations they have evolved to survive their local environment.

Age, Skills, What to Bring:

Inquisitive minds and a love of California native plants!

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Jessica Lie