Spending one afternoon a week for an entire school year conducting field study in the environs of the Presidio, this 10-year partnership with the Urban Watershed Project engages students from two environmental science classes at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology.

The mission of Project WISE is to enable youth to discover their roles within and impact on the natural world and to realize their own potential to become socially and scientifically conscious members of their local and global communities.

Over the course of the school year, WISE students consider the essential question: “how does science influence change in my community?” as the underlying question for their final team projects. This exciting project culminates each May in an inspirational and revealing student-led presentation to resource managers, teachers, families and professional staff.

Philanthropic Partners

Madeleine Tang Youth Leadership and Education Endowment
NOAA B-WET program
SD Bechtel Jr Foundation

Contact Information

Charity Maybury
(415) 561-7758