Park Academy provides professional career preparation for park interns, professional development opportunities for park staff, and personal enrichment for volunteers by providing ongoing learning opportunities. Conservancy members are also invited and encouraged to register for classes of interest.

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Classes are scheduled all year round and cover a wide range of topics, covering everything from natural resource topics to computer skills. Here are some of the class offerings:

The Multiplier Effect of Volunteers

Volunteers and Philanthropy (or Why Volunteerism Matters)
May 4, 2016
10-11:30 am
Location: Marin Headlands
Join Greg Lassonde, philanthropy consultant, for a presentation on the powerful effect of volunteerism in our communities.

Coyote cub

One Tam Event: Wildlife Picture Index Workshop
May 5, 2016
1-4 pm
Location: Marin County, Mount Tamalpais
During this event, we will teach you about the Wildlife Picture Index (WPI) and you will participate in the cataloging and identification of wildlife. By working in this group setting, an electric environment is created as people discover the many different beautiful and amazing wildlife that has been captured on these cameras. This session will be hosted by Marin Municipal Water District, a member of the Tamalpais Lands Collaborative.

Plant Nutrition

Soil Health Series: Understanding Growth Media & the Chemistry of Soil
May 6, 2016
9 am–Noon
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
The second class in the soil series, join the very knowledgeable Stephen Andrews (UC Berkeley Professor, specializing in soils) again for a hands-on class to discover how the chemical reactions of soil cleans our air, cleans our water, and makes nutrients available to plants. You'll understand chemistry like never before!

Mori Point in bloom

Wildflower Walk with Park Stewardship San Francisco
May 7, 2016
10 am–12:30 pm
Location: Fort Funston
The Park Stewardship team will lead a leisurely walk along the trails and share the folklore, medicinal uses and biology of the flowers. Spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and a new appreciation for spring wildflowers in San Francisco are guaranteed!

Cyprinodon macularius

John Muir Laws': Drawing Fish II
May 10, 2016
12:30-2 pm
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
Naturalist, educator, and artist John (Jack) Muir Laws is in love with the natural world and has lived his life sharing this passion with others. Come learn the fine technique of drawing fish!


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