Park Academy provides professional career preparation for park interns, professional development opportunities for park staff, and personal enrichment for volunteers by providing ongoing learning opportunities. Conservancy members are also invited and encouraged to register for classes of interest.

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Classes are scheduled all year round and cover a wide range of topics, covering everything from natural resource topics to computer skills. Here are some of the class offerings:

Xanthomendoza hasseana (sunburst lichen) with Ramalina.

Introduction to Lichens on Alta Vista Trail
March 27, 2015
10 am-3:30 pm
Location: San Mateo County
Join Tom Carlberg (California Lichens Society) and Susie Bennett (San Mateo Natural Resource Specialist) for an introductory talk followed by a hike to explore the lichen diversity on Alta Vista Trail!

Dias Ridge Wildflower Hike

Botany Series: Introduction to Plant Identification with Taxonomic Keys
March 31, 2015
1-4 pm
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
In this next class in the Botany Series will delve into how to use taxonomic keys to identify plants. Taking the Plant Terminology class is strongly recommended before taking this class.

Erythronium purpurascens

John Muir Laws' How to Draw Wildflowers - Part 1
April 14, 2015
12:30-2 pm
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
Naturalist, educator, and artist John (Jack) Muir Laws is in love with the natural world and has lived his life sharing this passion with others. Come learn the basic techniques of drawing wildflowers!

Geology of the Presidio

Geology of the Park - talk and hike!
April 21, 2015
1-4:30 pm
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
Will Elder (NPS, Interpretive Ranger) will lead this interesting natural history discussion on the many layers of substrate in the Presidio.

Potting Media

Soils Series: Nursery Growth Media & Physical Properties of Soil
April 23, 2015
1-4:00 pm
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
Stephen Andrews (UC Berkeley Professor, specializing in soils) will lead this class in learning the important physical properties of good potting soil.


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