During this customized program, you will explore the cultural and natural history of the Presidio and learn how the inhabitants have shaped the land. People to Park Stewards offers students opportunities to work directly with park naturalists and initiate their own neighborhood project.

Sample programs include:

  • Learning to identify indigenous plants and their uses.
  • Exploration hikes throughout the Presidio.
  • Fun and interactive team builders.
  • Listening to exciting tales about the history of the Presidio.
  • Getting your hands dirty with plants in the Nursery.
  • A community project for participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Age Range: Upper Elementary and Middle-School

Fee: $150*

To register for People to Park Stewards or for more information, please contact May Tran, Community Services Coordinator, at (415) 561-7754 or by email.

Availability: People to Parks Stewards is only offered during the fall and spring school terms. This program runs 4–8 weeks. Each weekly program consists of 1–2 visits.

Contact Information

May Tran
(415) 561-7754