Beginning Date: June 2014

The National Park Service and Parks Conservancy are working together with Marin Grassroots, Marin City Community Services District, and Marin City residents to improve access to Golden Gate National Recreation Area and other park lands in Marin City, including the soon-to-be constructed Rocky Graham Community Park.

The Marin Community Foundation has provided funding to support environmental education programs with students from the Bayside Elementary/Martin Luther King, Jr Academy and a partnership with Marin Grassroots to engage Marin City residents in the planning and design process. The Foundation is also supporting Conservation Corps North Bay’s participation in the initial clean-up of, and basic improvements to, the existing “Orchard Fire Road Trailhead” behind the Golden Gate Village housing units to make the trail and entrance to the National Park more welcoming.

The Orchard Fire Road trail improvement project is part of a larger effort to increase awareness of and access to parks and trails in Marin City.

Key Contributors

The Marin Community Foundation

Contact Information or 415-561-3054

Related Partners

National Park Service