The following projects are currently underway in San Francisco County:

Bay Trail at Battery East Bay Trail at Battery East >>
The Battery East trail segment in San Francisco's Presidio is a key link in the overall 400-mile Bay Trail. It connects the Golden Gate Promenade and Mason Street paths with multi-use walkways and a bicycle route on the west and east sides of the Golden Gate Bridge approach.

Presidio Coastal Trail Coastal Trail in the Presidio >>
Winding for three miles through the Presidio,this trail travels along the bluffs that support some of the most intact natural habitat in the park. Recent work has restored habitat, improved safety, and completed new overlooks.

Presidio Bluffs Presidio Bluffs >>
Habitat restoration on the Presidio coastal bluffs includes the removal of invasive trees and plants, as well as reforestation and management of native tree species, such as toyon, madrone, and manzanita.