May 25 – October 28, 2012 | Fort Point | multimedia

In honor of the Golden Gate Bridge reaching its 75th anniversary, the FOR-SITE Foundation partnered with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and National Parks Service to create International Orange. Taking its title from the Bridge’s color, named by the consulting architect Irving Morrow in the 20th century, this exhibition draws upon the varied narratives and conceptual inspirations the historical landmark manifests.

The show was located at Fort Point, a military site constructed in 1861 which served as an entrance to San Francisco. Whether it was the history, the weather, or other elements of site, each participating artist responded to this location with work intended for that place and time, and created a multi-faceted and innovative experience.

Anandamayi Arnold
Mark Dion and Dana Sherwood
Bill Fontana
Andy Freeberg
Doug Hall
Courtney Lain
David Liittschwager
Abelardo Morell

Cornelia Parker
Kate Pocrass
Jeannene Przyblyski
Allison Smith
Stephanie Syjuco
Camille Utterback
Pae White