Sweeney Ridge is a hilly hiking area of ridges and ravines between San Bruno and Pacifica, about a 25-minute drive south from San Francisco. The ridge’s 1,200-foot-high summit, covered with coastal scrub and grassland, slopes down to the bay on one side and to the Pacific on the other.

Wildlife at Sweeney Ridge includes hawks, deer, and a plethora of both native and introduced spring wildflowers. The sandy coastline and adjacent wind-protected valley of Thornton State Beach are good venues for picnicking, beach walking, surf fishing, and flying remote-control gliders.

Entrances to Sweeney Ridge from Pacifica include Skyline College off Sharp Park Road, Shelldance Nursery from Highway 1, and the end of Fassler Avenue (note: no parking at Fassler). The trailhead at the end of Sneath Lane offers visitor access from San Bruno.



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