What do the parks give you?What Do the Parks Give You?
We asked visitors to the Golden Gate National Parks a simple question: What do the parks give you? The respondents—representing a broad diversity of ages and backgrounds—gave equally varied answers, from “a sense of belonging” to “peace of mind” to “a better understanding.”

Girl Scouts of Northern California's 34th Annual Golden Gate Bridging ceremonyGirl Scouts of Northern California's 34th Annual Golden Gate Bridging ceremony
More than 6,000 girls from around the country participated in the 34th Annual Golden Gate Bridging ceremony on May 2, 2015, sponsored by Girl Scouts of Northern California.

Food for the ParksFood for the Parks Initiative
The Institute's Food for the Parks initiative sprouted from a number of collaborative connections at Institute events.

he Sky, Feet in the Mud - Costa Rica Success Story The Costa Rica Success Story: The Mouse that Roared
Carlos Manuel Rodriguez speaks at the Head in the Sky, Feet in the Mud Lecture Series 2008-2009.

Healthy Parks Healthy People: Bay AreaHealthy Parks Healthy People: Bay Area
Donna Leong, project manager of Healthy Parks Healthy People Bay Area tells Doug McConnell on his new "Open Road" show how everyone, regardless of age, can get involved in a fun and accessible program that makes local parks the most beautiful and free fitness centers around.


Photo Gallery for Press

All the sample images are for press use only and available as digital files for use with articles about the Golden Gate National Parks. Digital files can be provided as jpegs suitable for web use (72 dpi), or for print publication use (300 dpi).

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Video Gallery

The Parks Conservancy offers b-roll on MP4 format. Footage includes a variety of shots that are designed to allow stations to produce stories without having to shoot at the site or supplement their existing footage.


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