Mission & Values

To preserve the Golden Gate national parks, enhance the park visitor experience, and build a community dedicated to conserving the parks for the future.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from along the beach

Since 1981, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (Parks Conservancy) has served as the nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, collaborating with the Presidio Trust, partners, donors, and the community to support the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). The GGNRA stretches across three Bay Area counties, north and south of the Golden Gate Bridge, and includes iconic places such as Muir Woods National Monument, Fort Point National Historic Site, Alcatraz Island, Crissy Field, Mori Point, Lands End, and the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Parks Conservancy engages at the intersection of national park sites, local communities, social justice, and climate resilience. Collaborating with partners, our staff are dedicated to enhancing public awareness and providing volunteer and educational opportunities in the parks. We are park builders, caretakers, ambassadors and educators, all working to connect people to parks, in support of our vision Parks for All Forever. Join us.

our values

The fundamental beliefs and core principles that guide and direct our culture, steer our decision-making, and establish standards that dictate behaviors that drive our actions.

  • Create BELONGING
  • LEARNING and Growth
  • Work with PURPOSE

Strategic Plan

Our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan identifies where and how focused effort by the Parks Conservancy will be directed to make many of the important advances that are needed. This plan is the North Star to our future captured in Five Key Moves - the areas of most significant emphasis for collective impact.

Position parks as a platform to advance racial and social justice and climate resilience and their intersections within the parks.

  • Priority 1: Social and Racial Justice
  • Priority 2: Climate Resilience
  • Priority 3: Intersections and Action

Apply best partnership practices to advance work with GGNRA, and agency partners, by leveraging the Parks Conservancy's unique strengths.

  • Priority 1: Strengthen Foundational Partnerships for Collective Impact
  • Priority 2: Invest in our Partners
  • Priority 3: Crossing Boundaries
  • Priority 4: Community Connections

Develop a resilient financial model for the Parks Conservancy and seek funding sources that best align with our mission and strategic focus.

  • Priority 1: Efficient Management of Resources for Financial Stability
  • Priority 2: Actively Plan and Manage Financial Resources for Strategic Impact

Craft a singular organizational identity that creates a common understanding of our work among staff, volunteers, and the public.

  • Priority 1: Singular Brand
  • Priority 2: Public Awareness
  • Priority 3: Evaluation, Innovation, and Impact

Develop organizational culture and capabilities that support our staff and strategy and deliver impact.

  • Priority 1: Inclusive Culture
  • Priority 2: Employee Development
  • Priority 3: Employee Support and Resources
  • Alcatraz 2030: To be internationally known for catalyzing thinking on themes of incarceration, justice and our common humanity
  • Alcatraz Embarkation Site Enhancement
  • Climate Vulnerability: Assessment and Response
  • Crissy Field Forever
  • One Tam Initiative: Strategy for a Second Decade of Partnership
  • Presidio Tunnel Tops Activation and Learning
  • Redwood Renewal

Your parks need you now

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