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Presidio Forest

Presidio Forest Stewards
December 12, 2014
Friday, 9 am-noon
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
Help maintain and care for young trees in the Presidio's reforestation areas.

Fort Point Night Interior

Candlelight Tour
December 13, 2014
6:30-8 pm
Location: San Francisco, Fort Point
See Fort Point by the light of candles and stars on this evening tour.

San Francisco National Cemetery

National Cemetery Walk
December 13, 2014
10 am-Noon
Location: San Francisco, Presidio of San Francisco
Hear about Medal of Honor recipients, a Union spy, an Indian scout, Buffalo Soldiers and more on a moderate one-mile walk.

Buffalo Soldiers (Library of Congress)

Unsung Heroes
December 14, 2014
Noon-1 pm
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
Join an illustrated talk and hear their stories men and women, Browns, Blacks, and Whites, Generals and nurses, planners and protestors who made the Presidio.

presidio garden stewards

Presidio Garden Stewards
December 19, 2014
Friday, 9 am-12 pm
Location: Presidio of San Francisco
Help maintain and enhance the Presidio's historic gardens and landscaped areas.

Ocean Beach Volunteer

Golden Gate Beaches
December 20, 2014
Saturday, 10 am-noon
Location: San Francisco, Ocean Beach
Enjoy a day at the beach while helping to improve wildlife habitat both locally and globally.


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