For the 2015-16 school year, Crissy Field Center will be redesigning and piloting our elementary level education field programs for grades K-6. We welcome teachers to take advantage of the Center’s Camping at the Presidio and group programs, which are appropriate for multiple grade levels and learning styles.

If you are interested in having your class help pilot our new set of program offerings, please visit our website in January 2016 to sign up and play a role in designing the new and improved Crissy Field Center school programs. Or, we invite you to take this opportunity to explore new territory on a field trip to another Golden Gate National Recreation Area park site (see below) before rejoining us for the 2016-17 school year with an exciting lineup of field trips!

If you’re a 4th grade teacher, be sure to join the National Park Service’s Centennial celebration by bringing your students on dynamic programs aimed especially at 4th graders as part of Every Kid in a Park. Each participating 4th grader will receive an Every Kid in a Park voucher good for free admission for them and their families to all of the country’s federal lands and waters from September 2015- August 2016. Come enjoy America’s best idea!

Please see Presidio Trust “For Teachers” for programs offered in the Presidio by the Presidio Trust.

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Here is a list and links to the NPS PARKS AS CLASSROOMS award winning place-based, inquiry programs throughout the Golden Gate National Recreation Area:

Inquiry With a Ranger

Sensible Habitats (Grades K-1) >>
Golden Gate
Take your nature detectives on an intriguing investigation near the Golden Gate to uncover the rich diversity of human, plant, and animal life.

Petal Pushers (Grade 3) >>
Native Plant Nurseries
Offered at the Presidio Nursery, an inquiry-based program designed for 3rd grade students.

Into the Redwood Forest (Grades 3-4) >>
Muir Woods National Monument
Your students immerse themselves in the magic of Muir Woods National Monument, which preserves one of the last remaining old-growth redwood forests in the Bay Area. These clue-seeking naturalists pose questions, look for evidence, and communicate explanations under the canopy of the redwood trees.

Green Thumbs Up! (Grade 4) >>
Native Plant Nurseries
Awaken the field ecologist in your students as they visit the park native plant nurseries to help grow California indigenous plants destined for park restoration projects. They will delve into biodiversity, adaptation, seed dispersal, and the growing cycle.

Point of Inquiry (Grade 4) >>
Fort Point
At the straits of the Golden Gate sits Fort Point, an enduring symbol of Gold Rush San Francisco. Your history sleuths will investigate all corners of this massive brick-and-granite fort to imagine life at the bluffs of the city. Then, they hike the nearby trails and join in group games. Co-sponsored by the Presidio Community YMCA.

Rock! Pattern! Systems! (Grade 4) >>
Marin Headlands
Guide your trekkers to the continent’s edge in the Marin Headlands. Your students will reach into a geologist’s knapsack full of compasses, maps, and tools to explain the rock patterns they see.

Alcatraz Uncovered (Grades 5-6) >>
Alcatraz Island
Your young archeologists will journey into the mysteries of time as they uncover layers of human history on the island.

Community Service With a Ranger

Beach Buddies (Grade 4) >>
Ocean Beach
Calling all marine scientists! Your students examine life along the shoreline. They participate in a special Ocean Beach cleanup to understand what belongs and what does not.

Investigate on Your Own

Behind the Bricks (Grades 4-5) >>
Fort Point
Empower your crafty time travelers as they journey through everyday life in a Civil War-era fort.

Rings, Ripples & Echoes (Grades K-5) >>
Muir Woods
Take your species spotters on a magical journey through Muir Woods and other natural communities along the Redwood Creek Watershed.

Tell your colleagues about our SECONDARY education programs in the park:

Here's the Dirt (Grades 6, 7, 8) >>
Native Plant Nurseries
Offered at Presidio Nursery, student-centered activities designed to engage middle school students in habitat restoration.

Alcatraz Uncovered (Grades 7-8) >>
Alcatraz Island
Your young archeologists will journey into the mysteries of time as they uncover layers of human history on the island.

Rocks on the Move (Grades 6-12) >>
Marin Headlands
Transport your middle and high school students to the Marin Headlands to discover migrating tectonic plates and active geologic landscapes in a hands-on earth science inquiry.

Project WISE (High School) >>
Crissy Field Center
Project WISE, Watersheds Inspiring Student Education, is a program in which students experience real world science in the Park. Work with park educators to identify the most relevant environmental science topics for your class to custom a program that works for your students. During the program, youth are able to see their role within and impact on the planet and identify ways in which they can take action to be more socially and scientifically conscious members of their community.

Unlocking Alcatraz (High School) >>
Alcatraz Island
Challenge your emerging high school political scientists to consider the impact of activism on the American Justice System and Civil Rights in the late 20th century.

Nuclear Reactions (Grades 11-12) >>
Nike Missile Site
This program will usher your high school students through the gates of a Cold War-era restored Nike Missile site that reflects a pivotal period in U.S. history with resounding implications for today.