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Coyote Brush
Park E-Ventures Article
Our trees may not change even a hue and our weather may not get much chillier, but you can find hints of more “traditional” autumn phenomena in the Golden Gate National Parks. Save yourself the plane ticket to the Northeast, and find the fall in the national parks in your...
Nursery program at Oceana High School in Pacifica
Park E-Ventures Article
Learn how the Parks Conservancy’s nursery and restoration program has powerfully connected young people with the national parks in their backyard.
Odette Alcazaren-Keeley, Board Trustee, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Park E-Ventures Article
In a personal essay, Parks Conservancy Board Trustee Odette Alcazaren-Keeley shares why public lands represent the best of our democracy—and how we at Golden Gate continue to strive to make national parks open, welcoming, and relevant to all.
Park E-Ventures Article
It’s been “Arma-goat-don” for the weeds at Fort Mason’s East Black Point. This past month, a herd of the quirky, cloven-hoofed critters cleared the area of invasive vegetation. Learn where the goats came from, why they’ve been in our parks, and how you can carry on their work.
Park E-Ventures Article
FOMO ALERT! For the young and young at heart, the parks are full of must-see spectacles and must-do activities this autumn. Check our list of the top eight park attractions this fall, and then fire up your social media apps and get those hashtags ready.
Red-tailed Hawk
Park E-Ventures Article
“It has begun.” So begin the reflections of Laura Echávez, a Golden Gate Raptor Observatory intern, as she experiences her first fall migration from Hawk Hill. Discover how she draws parallels between her immigration story and the birds’ journey along the Pacific flyway.
bat monitoring
Park E-Ventures Article
The partners of One Tam—the community initiative of the Tamalpais Lands Collaborative—launched a three-phased, three-year scientific research project to study the mountain's bats.
Crissy Field views
The Conservancy stands directly against all forms of hatred, bigotry, or oppression as anathema to our American ideals, as well as to the values of our national parks as places of welcome and inclusion.
Tunes on Trails outdoor performance at Lands End
Park E-Ventures Article
Up to 99 percussionists, arrayed across Lands End, pound out rhythms that mix with crashing surf and the songs of birds. This is John Luther Adams’ Inuksuit , performed in a partnership of SFJAZZ and the Parks Conservancy.
Park E-Ventures Article
San Francisco has been celebrating the of the Summer of Love, an epochal moment of free love, artistic expression, and antiwar protests. But, in 1967, what was happening on the Presidio—a venerable Army post with gates only blocks from the heart of Haight-Ashbury?
wind turbines
Park E-Ventures Article
Crissy Field Center isn’t just built on green principles and clean energy—it’s actively advancing sustainability technology. Discover the story behind the wind turbines on the lawn in front of the Center, and how they are generating invaluable data on urban wind energy.
Penny Tibbetts
Park E-Ventures Article
Penny Tibbetts, a law enforcement ranger at Golden Gate, recounts her journey in becoming the first ranger in the National Park Service to transition genders while on duty.