The mild climate of coastal California and the many habitat types found within the Golden Gate National Parks support many species of raptors—some seasonally, some year-round.

You may find Red-tailed Hawks kiting along coastal bluffs, Red-shouldered Hawks calling from the trees, Northern Harriers coasting along marshes, and American Kestrels perched in the coastal scrub.

In autumn, hawks moving south are funneled over Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands, where the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory conducts long-term citizen science projects in an effort to monitor the populations of birds of prey.

Docent Programs >>
Our free Hawk Talks and Banding Demonstrations occur every Saturday and Sunday during September and October, weather permitting.

Research >>
GGRO’s research programs are long-term volunteer studies in the Marin Headlands of seasonal movements of birds of prey.

Band Recoveries >>
If you find a bird with a band on its leg, it’s important to report it to the proper authorities. What should you do if you encounter a banded bird?

Visit Hawk Hill >>
As many as 19 different species of raptors may be seen from Hawk Hill in the fall. Learn the essential tips and highlights before planning your trip.